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Yerba Sara Extra Soft

  • Presentation: 1kg.

    Presentation: 1kg.

  • Presentation: 500grs

    Presentation: 500grs

  • Presentation: 200grs

    Presentation: 200grs

  • Presentation: 70grs

    Presentation: 70grs

Yerba Sara Extra Soft

Since 1998, Sara has added a new option for the ones who like mate but with soft bitterness. It’s 100% Yerba Mate without herbs. Less intense, but keeping the good flavour and with a bit less lather.

Elaborated with the same raw material, its obtained by the diminution of the rubber percentage, in a process of elaboration with the same standards of excellence and rigorousness.

Presentations: 3kg, 1k, 500g, 250g y 70g.

Adapted to Uruguayans taste.

Contains low caffeine percentage.



The Yerba with the best flavour, which also has durability in the mate. Low matein percentage.