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Yerba Sara 100 hundred years Special Edition

  • Presentation: 500grs

    Presentation: 500grs

  • Presentation: 70grs

    Presentation: 70grs

Yerba Sara 100 hundred years Special Edition

In November from 2018, due to the 100 hundred years of Yerba Sara in the market, a unique and special presentation was launched, with the goal of giving the Uruguayans an improved product and adapted to their platability.

A Yerba with seleccioned leaves, from native plantations, without being manipulated by people. Being a synergy between the best harvests to create the perfect formula of flavour and durability. An intermediate intensity between Sara Tradicional and Sara Extra Suave

A unique pack in the market, setting the trend, to give the Uruguayan consumer practicality. The pack is easy to open, not messy and convenient to stock.

Presentations: 500g y 70g



Yerba with a more intense flavour, what makes the lather more lasting. The lather helps the yerba to keep its flavour and to not damage your body.