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Sara Tradicional

  • Presentation: 1kg.

    Presentation: 1kg.

  • Presentation: 500grs

    Presentation: 500grs

  • Presentation: 200grs

    Presentation: 200grs

  • Presentation: 70grs

    Presentation: 70grs

Yerba Sara Tradicional

The formula, since 1918, to enjoy from the mate with its classic flavour and bitterness of the Brazilian Yerbas. Durable, with lot of lather, which remains unchangeable until the last cebadura.

Yerba SARA Tradicional its made with a high percentage of rubber, between 25 and 18%, complemented with 50% of leaves crushed in a granulometry 10 and 30 mesh. This assures that when the Yerba swells, does not block up the bombilla

High lather durability and flavour consistent

Presentations: 3kg, 1k, 500g, 250g y 70g.



Yerba with a more intense flavour, what makes the lather more lasting. The lather helps the yerba to keep its flavour and to not damage your body